I'm Malik Nashad Sharpe and I make performances that are emotional choreographies. I make work under my performance alias Marikiscrycrcry, three cries like three cheers--three cheers for being conflictual, sad, dreamy, aloof, unabridged, tragic, and gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay. three cheers for essential cheers for the conflictual, displaced, and alienated queer black boy. that said, My work exists at the nexus of queerness and Blackness, while I think about the production of aesthetics around violence, allostatic load, desire, alienation, and the internet. I make work from my gut and i make work that tries to move people. I am also trying to produce choreographic material that resists the temptation to package itself into neat packages for consumption since my pains are not up for sale. i want it to unravel, like i am unravelled. i want it to destroy and disarm systems of hate by allowing my work to show societies imprint on me, and for all that it is worth. today is violent. i am going to resituate what crying is all about.

I have performed my work in theatres and galleries internationally including hackney showroom (UK), CLOUD at danslab (NL), fivemyles gallery (USA), secret project robot art experiment (USA), rich mix (UK), theatre utopia (UK),